Plastic Tea Cups

Plastic Tea Cup

Northwest Enterprises Deluxe/Elegance Quality Plastic 8-Ounce Coffee Cups, White, 10 Count

Tea parties for children are becoming very popular these days. Using the real porcelain or melamine Chinaware can be very expensive and not practical for children’s party especially when you are going to use it once in a blue moon. Besides you can always buy a plastic imitation version which looks perfectly the same and a lot cheaper. These cups look real and you will only learn that they are made of plastic once you lift to take a sip and feel its noticeable lightness. Depending on how you plan to use it, you have the option of having a reusable hard plastic tea cup or the much cheaper disposable or throw-away plastic cups. If you are planning to use it regularly I suggest you get the reusable type one.

Reusable plastic tea cups are made either PL plastic which is FDA approved or the heavy duty polypropylene which is tough and durable. Reusable cups have thicker walls than its soft plastic cup brother and are available in classic and elegant designs, you can also choose with colored and clear body. Some manufacturers offer them with textured designed body to hide the water spots or scratch just in case you accidentally dropped them. You can also buy a saucer separately to pair it with the cup for serving hot chocolate or coffee, finding a perfect saucer to match the color of your cup is very hard though. You are lucky if you can find a shop that sells a pair of plastic tea cups and saucers nowadays.

Square Plastic Coffee Cup

Squares Plastic 8oz Coffee Cups, White, 8 Per Pack

On the other hand if you are going to use it only once maybe on some rare occasions or gatherings and you invited plenty of guests, an inexpensive disposable plastic tea cups or throw cups is the one you need. Available in different sizes and colors these plastic cups are very economical and since they are throw-away it eliminates the dreaded task of cleaning. Plus you don’t have to worry anymore from kids breaking it. Actually, disposable plastic cups is not limited for hot drinks only, you can also use them for serving cold beverages like beer, champagne, milkshakes, fruit juices and more. Other brands also offer a personalized plastic cups, with text and graphics stickers already included in the package.

Before buying, you should consider the following tips on selecting that perfect tea cups. These only apply to reusable cups. First is the size, choose one that is right for the occasion you are planning (16, 12, 9, 20, 8, 24oz., etc.). Also if you plan to pair it with a saucer better look something that can be paired with the available or existing saucer. Choose one that has a non porous surface for easy clean up. Try to find with a polished surface to avoid stain and odor of the drinks from sticking into it. If you’re a fan of clear plastic cups choose one with a textured body design, to camouflaged water spots and small scratches. A dishwasher-safe cup is also advisable if you use one. For Children’s plastic tea cups buy one with FDA approved plastic that is much safer to drink from especially for kids who have sensitive stomach.

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